GBPUSD SL Hit | 1 June

Stopped Out | GBPUSD Trade Update

GBPUSD went upwards and broke the uptrend channel hitting my Stop-loss.Now out of the trade.

My Conclusion and Thoughts :

So it happens that under the H4 timeframe Support and Resistance Zone/ Level 1.242110 was first tested today morning and then the market broke the level. Leaving me in a 8.5%(of Equity) Loss.

Now that I am kicked out, I felt like opening a big lot size to recover my loss, but I managed not to let greed take control.

This is what you as a Forex Trader should try to get rid,

Lesson :
Inorder to reduce the risk of being trapped in a market condition where there is a probability of a break out :

1) One should wait for further Bull Or Bear power Shown by the currency pair.

2) If one is afraid of missing out not knowing of a Possible sideway movement, Either Trail Your Position once in profit…

That’s what I have learnt From the position, if you have any addition ladies and gentlemen you can place a comment or reply to this post.


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