USDCHF Analysis | Bearish


So I have been looking at this pair , which I thought to take a position.


Looking at the USDCHF currency pair, I see a probability of an upwards movement.


If Support level/ Zone/Area 0.959076 turns to be strongly respected I will continue to hold my position till it reaches Take Profit Price : 0.97228

Putting a good risk management into consideration, since I have noticed another support.

But since I’m no guru I have Placed a trade with the risk to reward 1:3 as I accept 0.5 % risk of Equity If my trade goes the unpredicted direction

Trade Parameters

✓ Market Execution
✓ Take Profit Level : 0.97228
✓ Stop Loss Level : 0.95764
✓ Risk To Reward : 1:3


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